What are the Steps to Setup the Apple TV to Wi-Fi Network?

What are the Steps to Setup the Apple TV to Wi-Fi Network?

How to Setup Apple TV

The Apple TV Setup is not so complicated steps. It is very much easy and simple when you have an Apple phone or Apple iPad. here this blog gives you the brief instruction to make the Apple TV Setup.

What is Inside the Package?

  • Apple tv
  • Siri remote
  • Power cord
  • User guide
  • USB cable

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a small box that appears like the set-top box. Using this Apple TV, you can connect your tv through the HDMI cable. To get the access to watch the content you need the iTunes password and the id.

How To Setup Apple TV?

Apple TV Setup
Apple TV Setup

Step 1 – Initial Setup

  • Power up the Apple TV and your tv
  • Use the power cord that came along with the Apple TV
  • Connect the Apple TV and the tv using the HDMI cable
  • Turn on the tv and choose the correct HDMI input to which your Apple TV is connected

Step 2 – Pairing the Remote

  • Charge using the USB cable that came along with the Apple TV
  • There are no batteries required for the Siri remote, as this has the built-in lithium battery
  • So after charging the Siri remote for some hours, proceed with the pairing steps
  • Press the menu button on the remote to get paired with the Apple TV
  • If this doesn’t work, press the menu and +key at the same time to pair with the Apple TV
  • After pairing select the language and location
  • Then proceed with the wireless network settings

How do I Complete my Apple TV Setup without Remote?

  • If you are the iPhone user, you can install the remote app and control the Apple TV
  • You can also use the Apple watch’s built-in remote app to control the Apple TV

How to Connect Apple TV to Wi-Fi?

Credentials Needed

  • SSID
  • Password

Steps for the Apple TV Wireless Setup

  • Enter to the setting on the Apple TV
  • Choose the network option
  • Select the configure wireless option
  • Choose your wireless network name on the list
  • Ensure that you provide the proper SSID and password
  • If you need to enter the password you can use the Apple TV remote control app to enter the password

How to Watch Apple TV on the Mac, iPhone or iPad?

Steps for the Mac

  • To mirror from the mac to the Apple TV tap the airplay icon on the menu bar
  • Select the Apple TV from the list
  • After adding the Apple TV you can start the mirroring from the mac

Steps for the iPhone

  • On the iPhone 8 or to the earlier version swipe the screen up and select the screen mirroring option
  • For the iPhone X, you can screen mirror by using the control center

How can I Add Channels on Apple TV?

  • You can add the channels through the Apple TV app
  • Search for the channel on the Apple TV
  • Once you get the result, start to download
  • But before the download, you need to enter the user Id and password of the iTunes
  • By entering the password and id of the iTunes, you will be prompt to download the channel

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Apple TV remote app is not working

Check the settings that your app is paired with the Apple TV. Double press the home or menu button and check that the app is working. If your app is not working still it is better to install the app again

Why my Apple TV is connecting?

Check that you have connected the Apple TV to the correct HDMI port on the tv. Or else you have selected the correct HDMI input to connect the tv and Apple TV

Why is my Apple TV not connecting to WiFi?

Ensure that you have connected to the correct SSID name and make sure you enter the correct password to connect the tv

How to Restart my Apple TV?

  • Enter the settings on the Apple TV
  • Choose the system option
  • Select the restart option to restart your Apple TV

You can also hold the home and menu button at the same time on the Siri remote to restart your Apple TV

What should I do if my Remote Stops Working?

Check that the remote has charge.if not check by connecting the USB charge cable. if this doesn’t work, hold the remote near to the Apple TV and press the menu and volume buttons at the same time

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