How to Setup and Connect Vizio Smart TV to Wireless Network?

How to Setup and Connect Vizio Smart TV to Wireless Network?

Here is the complete guide for “How to Setup Vizio Smart TV”. You can make use of this blog, and they make the whole setup of the Vizio TV. Follow the steps thoroughly and complete the settings without the troubleshooting issue.

Credentials that are Mandatory for the Setup of the Vizio Smart TV

  • Your Vizio smart tv
  • Healthy network connection
  • An HDMI cable

How To Setup Vizio Smart TV?

How to Setup Vizio Smart TV
How to Setup Vizio Smart TV

Initial Setup for the Vizio Smart TV

  • Place the tv on the safe surface and start to process the setup for the Vizio smart tv
  • Mount the tv to the safe place on the wall

Connect the HDMI Cables to the Vizio Smart TV

  • Connect the proper HDMI cable to the correct HDMI slot on the tv
  • Then link the other end of the HDMI cable to the device

Powering Up the Vizio TV

  • Connect the power cord to the tv
  • Also, insert the power cord’s other end to the wall outlet and turn on the tv
  • After the power connection, check that you have selected the correct HDMI input on the tv

Remote Setting

  • Open the remote cover
  • Insert the fresh batteries correctly to the remote
  • After inserting the new batteries to the remote, close the remote cover
  • And check that you have inserted the batteries on its correct slot

Pairing the Remote

  • Tap the OK button on the remote to start the setup
  • Then you will be asked to enter the language to get the proper search result on the tv
  • You will be suggested to enter the location and the date&time to the tv
  • After completing the steps, tap the OK button on the remote again

Steps to Connect the Wireless Network to the TV

  • On the screen choose the home use option
  • And tap the OK button on the remote to save the settings
  • Then on the screen, there will be displayed with the wireless setting options
  • Choose the home WI-FI option
  • Tap the OK button and save the changes
  • A fresh screen appears on the screen with the WI-FI setting options
  • There you will be asked to provide the WI-FI password, enter the WI-FI password and select the next option
  • And tap the OK to save the changes that are made on the tv

Steps for the Software Update

  • After the network connection to the Vizio tv, you will get the software update notification on the screen of the tv
  • You do not get panic about the software update, because the system will work on it and proceed with the software update steps automatically

Steps to Agree for the Terms and Conditions

  • The fresh screen will appear, and it will prompt you to name your tv
  • You can name you tv
  • Then it will ask you to choose the room location where the tv is placed
  • After selecting the room location, tap the OK button and proceed with the steps
  • A screen will appear with the terms and conditions
  • You can read the terms and conditions and accept the terms and conditions

Steps to Register your TV

  • To register the Vizio TV, you need to enter the credentials that are mandatory for the registration
  • Enter your valid Email ID and register your tv
  • This step is not compulsory as you can also skip this step while you set up the tv

Steps to Choose the Input Channels

  • Tap the input button on the remote
  • You will get the list of the source of the videos
  • From those lists, you can select your preferred choice to enjoy the streaming with the Vizio tv

Troubleshooting Issues on the Vizio TV

Steps to Restart the Vizio TV

  • If you face the issue with the running apps, then try to restart the tv and check that the problems persist
  • Turn off the tv by pressing the power button on the tv
  • Remove the cable wire from the wall outlet
  • Wait for some seconds and then connect the power cables again to the wall outlet and turn on the tv

Steps to Fix the Issue if my Vizio TV is Not Working

  • If your tv is not showing any images after the power ON the tv, check that there is any fluctuations issue on the power
  • In case if the Vizio tv is not working then check that the remote is working, insert the new batteries to the remote and check that the Vizio tv is working
  • If this steps is not working, then remove the power cables from the tv and wait for some time
  • Then again restart the process, and check that the Vizio tv is working

Steps to Fix the Issue if the Network is not Connecting

  • Check that your router is active to link with the tv
  • Ensure that the WEP key is correct
  • Make sure that there is no weak strength signal on the router

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