How to Setup and Activate Samsung TV?

How to Setup and Activate Samsung TV?

Samsung TV Setup

Samsung, the Korean giant, is a leading tech innovator and manufacturer which is all about enhancing anything and everything there is about technology. The growth chart of the company both in terms of money and fame went through the roof in recent years. Inclusion of many devices like the Galaxy series smartphones, foldable phones, gaming monitors, accessories, etc. pushed the whole tech platform to the next level. One of the famous product line-ups that proves nothing but pure excellence in terms of both the design and performance is the Samsung TV. This is a total game-changer, as it brought many new features like the high-resolution screen, smart TV, enhanced audio and video quality, multi-functionality and not to mention the bridge between the internet and the TV that paved way for many media streaming platforms like NetFlix, YouTube, fireTV, etc. In this blog, we will see the Samsung TV setup.

Samsung TV Setup
Samsung TV Setup

Follow the steps below to Complete the Samsung TV Setup

There are many variations among the devices offered by Samsung, particularly in the TV line up. But the setup process of most of the devices is common as they share the same anatomy. However, Samsung smart TV is one of the best selling TVs in recent times, so we will see about the Samsung smart TV setup in the below steps. For any other conventional TVs or non-smart TVs, you can follow the same steps mentioned below.

Samsung Hardware Setup

  • Unbox the device carefully as it is fragile, but will sustain basic wear and tear.
  • Remove all the protective covers and casing on the device and its accessories.
  • Now segregate the cables, accessories, etc. and the device separately. This will save you the hectic pressure to find the right cable.
  • Now use the wall mounters to mount the TV or you can simply fix I t on your TV stand for the better experience. Just make sure there is no direct light hitting the surface.
  • Now use a power cable to connect the device to the power source. Make sure the power source is not too far from the device as it may be intruding on the pathway. This also reduces the risk of any damage to the cables or the device.
  • The power source should be AC and also reliable. Any problem with the power source can even damage the quality of the TV.
  • Once set, fire up your device. From here, all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions.
  • There will be a remote inside the package, use it to toggle between the options and set preferences so that the setup process is complete.
  • The remote should pair automatically to the TV, if it doesn’t, don’t worry. Hold on to the back and resume buttons for at least 10 seconds. This will pair the remote with the device.
  • Once the remote pairs, select the language of the device. This is an important step as the device will interact with you using this language from now.
  • There are several languages available on the device, the default one can change for the region.
  • Once you select the language, you can add devices to the TV like the cable box, gaming consoles, Blu-ray recorder and a lot more depending upon the number of slots on your TV.
  • All you have to do is connect the devices at the respective ports; the TV will detect them automatically.
  • You can complete this setup later on if you want to.

Connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi

  • Now the next step is to connect the TV to your Wi-Fi network. This is important to use the smart TV to its fullest.
  • Your device wills can for the available networks within its range. Just choose the network with which you want to connect the device.
  • After you select the network, enter the password or the security key. Use your remote as the interpreter between you and your device.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate through the alphabets and use the shift key on the screen to change the case of any letter.
  • Once you enter the correct password, click on “submit”. Your TV will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  • The next step is to review the terms and conditions of the services offered by Samsung. You have to agree to it if you want to enjoy the services provided by Samsung. That said, your privacy is safeguarded at all times.
  • Now, you will be asked to enter your zip code for the device to verify your location. This is very useful if you are using an OTA as it can pick up many channels from the air on its own.

Create a Samsung TV Account

  • Use your existing Samsung account credentials to log in to your Samsung account as you proceed to the next step. You can always create a new account if you want to.
  • If you use an existing account, you can sync your data from your other devices with your television.
  • The next step is to select the cable or TV provider for the device. If you do not have a TV provider and are a cord cutter, don’t break a sweat. You can just skip this process.
  • The entire setup summary will display at the screen for you to review. You can make changes if you feel like it.
  • Now, some of the basic apps like Netflix, Hulu, youtube, etc. will be shown. You can select these apps and install them now.
  • You can always perform this step later by simply searching for these apps at the Samsung app store on your device.
  • Once all these steps are over, check if all the functions on your device like volume, navigation, power, search, etc. are right on your TV.
  • If not, pair the remote once again by pressing the play and back buttons at the same time.
  • You can now access various channels and install many apps from the store and can indulge in the never-ending world of entertainment.

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