How To Setup Your TCL Smart TV to the Internet [2020]?

How To Setup Your TCL Smart TV to the Internet [2020]?

Let Us Begin The TCL Smart TV Setup

TCL Smart TV is trendy among the available TV models. If you are a TCL Smart TV user and your device is brand new, let us explain how to begin the device setup. Read and understand the guidelines below to proceed

TCL Smart TV Setup Instructions

  • Unbox the device as the primary step
  • Read and understand the TCL Smart TV setup instructions
  • If your device is  brand new,  the setup manual will be provided with the package

Hardware Connection

  • Find the HDMI port to connect your streaming gadget to the TV
  • Use the power or the USB port to insert the power cable

Choose Your Settings

  • Power on your device
  • You can view a screen with the message “Let’s Get started ‘’
  • Choose the required Language and the Display

How To Connect TCL Smart TV To Wi-fi?

TCL Smart TV Setup
TCL Smart TV Setup

TCL Smart TV connect to wifi – The steps are here for your reference

Without connecting TCL Smart TV to wifi, it’s hard to proceed with the device setup. Hence, follow the steps below to establish the connection

  • Tap on the Home Button on your Roku remote
  • Then navigate to the Settings > Network
  • You can view the available connection methods
  • If wireless is your choice, select and then provide the network credentials
  • Click on the Connect tab
  • Wait until the network connection is active
  • You can switch to the wired connection, if the wireless network is slow or inactive
  • Now proceed with the remaining setup steps

If a wired connection is your alternative

  • Find the Ethernet port located at the back of your TCL Roku TV
  • Connect one end of the cable to the TV and another end to the Router
  • Select the appropriate network settings
  • Go forward with the onscreen prompts to activate the connection

Connect TCL Smart TV To Android Device

If you are interested to learn more, here we explain how to connect TCL Smart TV to Android devices

Screen mirroring feature is used to establish TCL Smart TV connect to Android devices.

  • You can find the settings in different names such  as   Smart View, Quick Connect, SmartShare, AllShare Cast, Wireless Display, Display mirroring, HTC Connect, Screencasting and Cast
  • Choose the best android device
  • Ensure to connect the mobile device and the smart TV to the same network
  • From your device, navigate to the Display settings and find the Cast option
  • The list of connected Roku TV models will appear on the screen
  • Select your TCL Smart TV model and then tap on the cast icon
  • Your smart TV is now connected to the android device

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TCL Smart TV Connect To Laptop

It’s easy to connect your TCL Smart TV to the laptop, follow the guidelines below

The screen mirroring settings on your laptop always depend on your version

  • If you are using a windows device, select the Action Centre. You can find the app notifications and other settings here
  • Now search to find the option, Project
  • Tap on the settings, Connect to the wireless display
  • Finally, choose your Roku device and follow the onscreen guidelines that appear
  • Wait for a while until your TCL Smart TV is connected to your Windows device or laptop

Note – To connect your Roku streaming gadget to the TV, find the Roku activation code and then provide the code visiting the portal, You need an active and secure Roku account to complete the process

How To Avoid And Fix TCL Smart TV Setup Issues?

Here we suggest the troubleshooting tips to fix TCL Smart TV setup issues

  • Understand the setup guidelines before execution
  • Verify the Network and connection settings
  • Always choose the valid input port to connect the hardware
  • Restart the device once using the manual or automatic reset settings
  • Before connecting your mobile device to the TV, check the TCL Smart TV connect to phone settings and the compatibility of the screen mirroring feature

If you are new to the TCL Smart TV platform, here we suggest the best models 

  • TCLL65P2MUS 65 inch LED 4K TV
  • L55P2MUS 55 inch LED 4K TV
  • TCL55C8 55 inch LED 4K TV

Get help and support to complete TCL Smart TV setup contacting our service provider. Dail the toll-free number +1-820-300-0270 or visit Device activation, and report all your issues and concerns to our executives right away.

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