Terms and Conditions

Before you enjoy the service make sure you read the terms and conditions of the device-activation.com.


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Responsibility of the user

The information that the users share while interacting is true. Moreover, they need to protect their information when they provide it to our customer care team

The service that we provide

We provide technical support for issues and queries on your Roku device. We do not sell any of the Roku products.

Judicial laws

We always abide by rigid laws and regulations in order to avoid the misuse or danger posed by incorrect information use. We shall not disclose without their consent the data or information we have collected from the customers. If the judiciary is required, after adequate studies, we provide the user information.

Certain restrictions

The data may be used for private use by users visiting our website. Anything mentioned on our site is not permitted to be modified, replicated, transmitted, displayed, implemented, replicated, published, imitated or marketed by the Users.

Additional terms and conditions

Accuracy is not guaranteed for material on device-activation.com. You do not, however, have the right, anywhere and in any way, to duplicate, redistribute or republish copyrighted material. Again, such modifications involve our stakeholders ‘ proper permission. You may also not use the site illegally, fraudulently or illegally. The users should ensure that the content and website are not harmed, misused or damaged in any manner.